Introducing the New
Havas Brand

The Brand

We developed a new brand for Havas to visualize our collaborative way of working. When we looked at our DNA—at the essential ways we are connected—we came away with one conclusion: Havas is great because of the sum of its parts.

More than a new logo and matching business cards, the new brand signals a deep transformation in the way we work, behave, and collaborate.

The system is simple, dynamic, and modular—a container for our ideas, knowledge, and aspirations. Three parts that represent the three things we do here everyday: create, share, and learn.

Create Share Learn

Brand Guideline and Assets

Our brand guideline will help you implement the brand consistently. The guideline covers the brand’s basic elements, including logo, color, typography, secondary graphics and photography. It’s designed to be informative, not exhaustive. As the brand evolves, we will update it to reflect emerging considerations.

Brand Guideline

View and download the assets specific to your brand here.

Havas Assets
Havas Media Assets
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