Brand Guidelines

Introducing the New Havas

Generate powerful ideas and bring them to life through amazing work.


Choose the best methods and channels to deliver the work to world.


Gather the right data form insights that help us create and share even better work.

Our typeface is Helvetica Neue. It can create a consistent and cohesive presence for the brand. It is clear, credible, and human. It’s modern and neutral, but complementary.

To Better Together.
To Better Together.

Our colors are intentional and flexible. A broad color spectrum for a diverse and expansive agency.

Our photographs and videos humanize the Havas brand and its work - encouraging interaction, inspiring creativity, supporting connections and embracing local culture.

Our Havas “h” can be interpreted and broken down as graphic elements in various layouts and contexts.

Our logo becomes a physical reminder of who we are and what we're about by adding dimension to the "h".

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